Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cabin Fever: It drives you to do unthinkable things.

I rarely take pictures of myself in the mirror. You know, all dolled up, tight-fitting clothes, rock star attitude, sultry eyes, a slight twist at the torso, stomach in, boobs out (and note that the camera is ALWAYS held high above the head for maximum cleavage exposure)...basically the stuff Myspace profile images are made off. Yes, the good stuff, and don't try to pretend like you don't have them. But when I got a new camera last year, I too fell prey to the man in the mirror and snapped a few photos of my reflection holding my new toy but I was only testing out the aperture setting, I swear. And then I kind of liked those pictures, made a couple of them profile images for a few of my many online identities, and went on with life.

Until today.

Patrick had left for a business trip earlier, leaving me and King all alone, and as we were getting into the odd and late hours of the night, I got a bad case of cabin fever and in a moment of poor and misguided judgment, I decided it would be a fine idea to take a picture, just one, of me and my babes sitting in front of a mirror:

Hey I'm pretty cute! I would kiss my cheeks nonstop too if I were my own baby.

That one led to two and then, in another flash of brilliance, I thought it would be an even finer idea to have King hold the camera and pretend like he is taking the picture:

Whoa, do I really look like that in person, Mommy?

The first try produced a below-par and not-very-convincing picture that King was indeed the one who took the picture so we tried again:

Huh, I didn't realize that I have so little hair.


But then King brought me back to reality when he told me that I was embarassing him and it is soo, like, obvious that I was still the one taking the picture so we, yet again, went on with life and I gave him a bath.

Me mithes you, Daddy.

The end.


  1. he's gotten so big! and those chubby cheeks!

  2. What a beautiful, beautiful baby boy! And look how pretty you are too : ) I laughed out loud about your description of myspace pictures.

    I am visiting today via Jasmine Star's blog and the comment you left there and I am so glad I did because I can tell, just from this one post that I like your style : ) So nice to meet you today.

    PS I totally agree about the cheeks. Those are kissable cheeks if I have ever seen some : )

  3. King is oh so kissable...I almost can't take how adorbs he looks!!

  4. Too funny!! I really enjoyed reading through that post. Your little one does have irresistibly cute cheeks! :)

    Your newest `follower.`


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