Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fair Expectations

When I saw a couple of days ago that the county fair was opening this week in the local paper, I did a little whoop d’holla and fist pumped into the air. I asked my younger brother, Wayne, to take King and me the next day because with the ponies, cotton candy, and ferris wheel galore, I just knew King would have the best of times. Sure, he hardly ever opens his eyes when we take him out and the sweltering summer heat will probably give us all the hives but “King baby, Momma’s gonna to show you the world!”

King gives up on waiting for Uncle Wayne. Hunter, with soulful eyes, understands.

Familiar with Wayne’s nightly excursions to the bars (having just turned 21, Wayne is newly getting acquainted with the wonder that is the brewsky since he never drank underage. No, not our Wayne. Never.) I made him pinky swear that he will come over to pick us up at 10 AM so that we can hit the fair before the junior high school crowd gets there, swag and all. Wayne, ever the good brother, told me to stop worrying and told King, “Uncle promises we will go to the fair tomorrow.”

farmer's market 014
King's new favorite onesie. He thinks the paws are his best look.

The next morning, King, who fidgeted all night from excitement, hopped out of bed at 8 and asked me for a bath so that he could, uh, “look fresh for the ladies.” We even combed the little hair that he has three ways (front, back, sides) and he put on his cutest onesie (thanks, Val!) with dog paw prints all over it. In King’s own words, “The ladies won’t know what hit 'em.” Never mind that King is only 3 months old, this was a man on a mission if I’ve ever seen one.

farmer's market 023
Best part about not being pregnant anymore? Coffee!

farmer's market 022
Pesto chicken crepe.

By 10, King was ready to go, his eagerness spilling out of him like regurgitated breast milk. Needless to say, 11 o’clock rolled around, then 12, and then 1 and Wayne was still nowhere to be found. Sometime after 1, I received a distraught call from Wayne to tell me that he’s so sorry for running late and he didn’t hear the (15) calls I made to him earlier that morning. “That’s okay,” I replied (grumble grumble grumble). “Just come over when you can.”

Wayne showed up half an hour later and when we reread the newspaper article, we found out that the fair’s opening night wasn’t even going to start until 6 PM, a time we couldn’t make since I already had dinner plans with my parents. So, Wayne, King, and I just spent the my last afternoon in town before heading back to Los Angeles eating at as many different restaurants in the neighborhood as we could stomach, which turned out to be a lot when you are drowning the disappointment of your fair expectations away.

farmer's market 036farmer's market 027

farmer's market 041
A leg of our Tour de Food included a stop at the farmer's market.

farmer's market 043

I know, I even posted about my aversion toward mirror pics but I am starting to see how babes in arm is a good look for me. Right? (cue the crickets)

Peking duck for dinner.


  1. Ahhh! The last shot got me. It was like awww cute baby pics. Dead duck. Gave me a chuckle :)

  2. missy, you look so gorgeous! your time in norcal has treated you well. great post, as always.

  3. I love it! Cute baby and the duck looks appetizing to this Thai girl:)

  4. What a cute baby! I'm sure the girls are all over him.

  5. I love the one of the doggy with the baby in the background! BTW, you look great!

  6. Cute baby! =) But that duck! I want some.

    City Girl to Country Girl

  7. That picture with Hunter looking over his shoulder looks like he's saying, "Sigh. The baby is asleep AGAIN." But I know Mommy doesn't feel that way. Never known a mother to complain of baby's long naps.

  8. You seriously has the cutest baby in town! :)


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