Friday, August 13, 2010

A little fun now, a lot of pain later.

This is what happens when you are about to leave for a week-long trip and you have a big watermelon that you bought too long ago that will surely be bad by the time you get home since you know that your husband/boyfriend/partner/[insert relevant nemesis to your situation] won't touch it one bit the entire time you are gone:


You eat the whole watermelon. In one sitting.

Like the title alludes, a lot of pain later. Joy!


Check back tomorrow for an update on my Northern California trip!


  1. a watermelon-filled summer! i can't wait to hear about your Norcal trip.

  2. That's AWESOME. I love eating entire watermelons. Okay, I've never done it. I love eating large quantities of watermelon.

  3. Your plan to save a few bucks is going to backfire...literally!

  4. I love the way you eat your watermelon!! LOL! I've never eaten watermelon that way before. :) I'll have to try it sometime.


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