Saturday, August 14, 2010

Of really important matters.

This picture is really important to me.


 Not so much because my lopsided eyes are fully exaggerated but because King is all dressed up in one of his “big baby” clothes. You see, when we are just at home, King prefers to go commando (can I still call it that when he is technically wearing diapers?), or let’s just say au naturel, and couldn’t be bothered in the least bit to throw on a onesie. He likes pretending to be a wild one and Mommy is okay with that…for now.

Then the other day I had to take him out for a dinner function (I was only meeting with one other person for dinner but with the scant amount of times I get out of the house these days, anytime I do go out gets flaunted as a “function” or “party”) and all of a sudden, none of his onesies would fit. Already running late, I was frantically looking for something, anything, to put him in and try as I might to say it wasn’t true, it was. King had outgrown ALL of his newborn clothes. So I reluctantly dug into his drawer for 6-9 month old stuff (my baby's sorta big for his age) and settled on a pair of basketball shorts and a T-shirt. I was so thrown for a loop over the whole situation (same story as above, my life is so mellow these days that every small happening gets elevated to a “situation”) and every time I looked at King again that night, he resembled less and less my baby King and more and more…Patrick.

ed balla
Yo, wadup.

Later that evening as Patrick and I snuggled into our bedtime routine, which begins promptly at 9 PM (Hey don’t laugh! Remember we are old people now!) and usually involves putting King smack center of us in our bed and both of us ogling at his cuteness for the rest of the night, I just lost it. I couldn’t help but cry and cry because “Oh-mah-gaw my little boy is all grown up now and *sob* he has no more clothes to wear and *sob* things will never be the same *sob* and…”And then Patrick lost it too because “You are taking my baby boy away from me to visit your parents *sob* for a whole week *sob* and I just don’t know what I will do without him *sob* and what am I going to do for dinner every night *sob* and…”

ed balla 2
Yo, check me out!

You must understand that Patrick and I were never the ones to go goo-goo-ga-ga over other people’s babies. Don’t get us wrong, we are gentle souls (deep down, okay, very deep down) and we think babies are adorable but we also were never the ones that had the falsetto baby talk going or offered babysitting services of any variety when in the presence of other munchkins. So when King was born, we kind of blossomed—er, okay, evolved—into the accidental parents and now King is absolutely our everything, our universe. Patrick and I are like two preschoolers in a pet shop picking out our first puppy ever anytime we are around King, not to liken King to a pet of any sort, but we just fawn over him so much. Heck we even fight each other for “alone cuddle time” with our baby and YES, our “marriage” is doing just fine, thank you very much, but we are just like that.

silver spoon
A couple of my cousins bought King a silver spoon from Tiffany's! Don't you worry, King. You were ALWAYS born with a silver spoon in your mouth.

Just like that and we were crying nonstop, our reasons for crying over King getting more and more sentimental, absurd, and far-reaching as the night went on, and I just had to call my mom. I needed maternal guidance, support, and understanding as to why on earth a perfectly sane new mom (psst…don’t you listen to those out there who are inclined to question my sanity) would get so worked up over her baby needing larger baby clothes. I explained to my mom that King “had to wear basketball shorts today and *sob* he looked so grown up and *sob* Patrick and I are so sad over it *sob* and…” After I off-loaded to my mother all the just and valid reasons why Patrick and I were all rolled up into a crying mess that night, my mom could only say, after one long befuddling pause, “What’s wrong with you people?!”

When King and I successfully made our first airplane flight together to NorCal, we celebrated with none other than a buffalo burger.

food 3
Which we washed down with homemade sangria.

food 2
Yes, we put cocktail fruit in our mix and it tastes just fab!

So I guess I can't even garner empathy from my own mother as to why some basketball shorts and maybe a hoodie or two just completely bring on the waterworks for me but hey, life goes on.

Speaking of which, I gotta get on with my day as the weather in Northern California is just fine!

'til later,


  1. king looks so much bigger than 3 months! let's talk about the potency of your milk...

  2. I can SO relate. And King is ADORABLE ADORABLE ADORABLE - I'm not surprised that he brings anyone to tears with all the cuteness he's got going on! :)

  3. It goes so quickly. I mean, it is CRAZY! Like my baby is going to 5th grade this year. I don't know how that is even possible. It is insane. I love your baby and his chubby baby legs, and I guess it never mattered if you were goo goo over babies before, because now, you are ga ga over yours. And that is really all that matters. He is PERFECT


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