Sunday, August 22, 2010

Share the love story.

The idea in starting this blog (less than a month ago!) was to document, in as many chapters as it will take, my love story—with Patrick, with King, and with myself. Sure, I've kept plenty o' blogs before with sites chronicling my woe-is-me days as an agnsty 21-year-old to sites promoting my wedding photography business that never was but this time around, all I sought after was a platform for me to share a story. To share a transformative time in my life that brought out the parts of me that are endearing and human but also forced out sides to me that are cruel and unforgiving. A time in my life that I feel like I have somewhat fully crossed and yet, everyday is still a continuing chapter of the journey. The journey into motherhood at the wrong time with possibly the wrong guy and while there is nothing new to this story, it will be the way that I tell it and the details in which I weave into our memories that will create a richly unique and intimate experience to share with others. And if in the end I have done nothing more than write down my love story, the whole cathartic process of reliving some of the more interesting times and forcing myself to be honest with the things that DID happen will be worth the while.

So here is my challenge for you: Write down your story, ANY story, and share it. If you feel like linking your posts back to The real L.A. love story, slap a badge on them (find the code on the left column) and let me know. I'll create a permanent link for you on my site and together, we will find our voices as storytellers, as mothers, as lovers, and create a community of bloggers who don't just document the everyday life but also persist to examine the paths they took to get them to where they are (albeit temporary) today.


New to the story? Start reading my Chapter 1 HERE.


  1. beautiful. i first have to figure out what my story is and where to start...

  2. great idea! when i'm ready to open up and share my story, i'll definitely take part in this.

  3. i like the idea. my blog is random ramblings but i'm intrigued by the idea of "my story" to give it a little more purpose. now if i can only figure out what that is...

  4. I love your blog and I've added your badge to my blog It's at the bottom of my main page.
    I'd love it if you could add my site to your list.


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