Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Balance, work, and Zen.

I am taking a break from sorting through my Hawaii pictures today since life never fails to pile up when you slip away for a weeklong escape. A million dollar question is how you measure your success as a person and I agree to some degree with Timothy Ferriss that you know you have made it big when you’ve automated your life so much so that you are completely liberated to enjoy all the beauty and thrills of the world without anything back at home depending on your physical presence to keep churning.

Thankfully, my sister Carly is newly (f)unemployed too and has signed on (starting this week) as my assistant, babysitter, dietian, and lifestyle coach. Yes, she does it all—minus changing dirty diapers—and I will try to keep her around for as long as her savings will allow, compensating her with entertainment from my endless vault of not-so-witty jokes and the occasional green fruit smoothie I might blend up for her nourishment. No seriously, having her here now is such a blessing and will give me a little bit of extra time and a good set of second hands to put some order and routine in the homestead.

We also made some goals today on where we would like to see ourselves and what we would like to accomplish by the end of this year just to make sure we are not, you know, enjoying (f)unemployment TOO much, eating embarrassing amounts of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream on the couch, watching Food Network marathon shows, maybe throwing the occasional toy here and there to King as we leave him idling in his play pen. No, us girls would never, EVER do that, now would we?

So here are some personal goals I have for the next three months, some more far-reaching than others but hey, it’s always fun to dream a tad bit…right?

1.    Continue blogging- Like I have attributed over and over again, blogging has been such a welcome addition to my daily routine as a reluctant housewife and keeps me out of trouble. And my teeth brushed.

2.    Continue breastfeeding exclusively- At 4 months, King already weighs 20.5 lbs (his weight no longer fits into a percentile as it is literally off the charts) and is as healthy, happy, and active as can be. At our doctor’s appointment this morning, his pediatrian started talking to me about feeding King solids and supplementing his diet with vitamins but after all the independent research I have done, what I think is best for my family is to keep King breastfed exclusively for as long as we can and have him self-wean when he is interested in what we are eating. And seeing how he made such an ugly face and spit out the fruit I gave him yesterday, I know he is not ready for food yet.

3.     Become a domestic goddess- Or at least aim to cook dinner for Patrick each night. I shamelessly tricked him into thinking I was this supermom and power housewife when we were dating (c’mon, all us girls do that!) and now that we actually have a family together, he is feeling the bait-and-switch real good (or bad). So Patrick, dear, I’m going to (try) to cook and clean more, ok?

4.    Write a book on relationships- HAHAHA yes we can all LOL but I would really like to write more and maybe put something together on love that might actually be cohesive and make some sense. Patrick always pokes fun of me for thinking I am like this old soul who has all the answers in life (because I sure argue like a petty 5-year-old) but you know those people out there who are forever in a predicament in their own lives and yet give the greatest advice on how to live yours? Sadly, I think I am one of those people.

Okay, 4 goals and 3 months. Now off to Whole Foods to grab ingredients for dinner!


  1. Hey Missy,

    (F)unemployment huh? Ummm I've been guilty of this for umm let's not share how many months! But it's all good, I'm moving soon and you know what!? Your post here actually has inspired me to also write something down like this for myself. I have thought about this for a couple of days now too, in terms of short term and long term goals. I'll start with 4 goals and 3 months like you if you don't mind :)

    As for that book, please write it, please, please, please, please. Ok, that's a lot of "please" from the East Coast coming your way! Even a chapter is a great start, I would even love to read your drafts, hahaha. There is something that I really enjoy is that when people have the capacity to write b/c they have intelligent thoughts I'm always up for reading about them!



  2. I love your writing style, and I think you should jump right into that book! Not an unrealistic idea at all!

  3. now that you have announced writing a book on your blog, you have the whole cyberworld to keep you accountable.

  4. I hate you a little for having a whole foods. There isn't one within four hours of my house. Just a little though. Those sounds like great goals, a few of those are things I need to be doing myself. :) I really hope you finish the book!

  5. love the sister time, the fun *and* the goals! good for you! it's seriously hard to stay focused sometimes, isn;t it? i think you've inspired me or something! :)

  6. I think your book would be SO good and interesting. I really need to learn that too : )

    Great call on the breastfeeding. Look how happy and healthy your baby is. Pure perfection!

  7. I'm going to be on the lookout for this bait and switch trick with future girlfriends.

  8. martin, the bait and switch is inevitable, unfortunately.

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