Sunday, September 5, 2010

Daily routines.

Since becoming a housewife, weekends have taken on a whole new life. When I used to work, I looked forward to weekends as a means of getting away from the stress of the daily grind, opting to stay in bed many occasions to watch movies and eat endless bowls of Kashi cereal, fortified here and there with a scoop of ice cream or two.


As a stay-at-home mom, the weekdays are still long but have also become isolating and extremely lonely when the only person I have to chat with has a vocabulary of precisely zero words. So now weekends are my lifeblood, my chance to get some sun on my skin, to have a grown-up conversation (though I am still known to throw in a sentence of baby talk here and there), and to get out of my cave and run gallantly away from the wolves (what, you didn’t know King was being raised by wolves?). It is my chance to visit old and new friends, to see that there is still life—beautiful, beautiful life—outside of cleaning the folds of my dear baby’s ever-so-chubby skin and taking pictures of his dirty diapers on my cell phone to prove to my mother that her grandson is still healthy. No, my friends, there is still a life outside of the home front.


I woke up refreshed on Saturday at 7 (have you noticed that the people who work from home or don’t work always get up early on weekends?) and as much as I wanted to pull Patrick out of bed so that we can take a leisurely stroll across town in search of a good cup of coffee and perhaps a scone, I have been down that road before. Yep, I have learned the hard way that you just gotta let a sleeping dog lie, as he put it to me one time too many. And my biddy baby was all busy doing his cute little stretches in the morning that he does so well so I also just let him be and spent the next few hours on the computer messing around. My boys don’t get up for nothing, I tell you.



Then I took King to Trader Joe’s, one of my favorite grocery stores (Patrick prefers Vons), and picked up food for me for the rest of the week (premade sandwiches, stuff to make smoothies with, cereal, rice pudding, and maybe some wine). Patrick was still catching up on sleep when we got home so my sister Carly and her boyfriend Dennis came over to play with the baby. Well, it was more like Carly wanted to play with the baby and every time she and I are completely drooling over King, Dennis almost rolls his eyes and says, “So I just have to not be able to do anything else but poop all day to have girls all over me, right?”


AWWW one of my favorite pics!! I miss Brandy!

But Dennis does have a soft spot for King, I just know it, and he took King, Carly, and me out for a relaxing late lunch at one of our favorite eateries for salads and rosemary sweet potato fries. After window-shopping to help our food digest, we made our way back to the apartment where Patrick was finally up and bright-eyed, eating a sandwich while watching some foreign flick on the couch. Carly and Dennis then left so that Patrick, King, and I could go to our Dodgers baseball game (King’s first!) with a couple of work friends and what a relaxing night it was.

King's a sneaky baby. He manages to weasel his way into just about every picture.


We came home with just enough time for one more movie for Patrick and some Internet-surfing for me and then we rolled into bed completely exhausted around midnight. I kept kissing King and thanking him for being such a good boy today and he, with his eyes still closed and lower lip pouted, said, “Mom, PUH-LEEASE! You are being soooo annoying. Just let me sleep, lady!” My, the little ones do grow up fast, don’t they?



Tonight, we will have a few couple friends over for some Italian-style wining and dining. I’ve been talking about my party all week and Patrick, stupefied, just had to ask me yesterday, “Since when did having four people over constitute a party?” Oh, I don’t know Patrick. Since having a baby, since becoming a housewife, since losing my job…somewhere in between all of that did a small dinner with friends become the entertainment highlight of my weekend. I mean, there just has to be people out there that get this, right?


Following my baby story? The next post will be the latest installment of The Making of King.


  1. omg i love this post and i love the picture of cotton candy!!

    well, the highlight of my saturday was buying a vacuum...

  2. Don't listen to Patrick, a party is anything you want it to be!

  3. hi mysterious fan named lane. can't wait to get the party started!!! :)

  4. Great pictures! I'm following from Bloggy moms. Your header is great I love it. Hope you'll visit mine JaMonkey!

  5. Such beautiful photos. I found you on and love your blog! I became a stay-at-home mom just over a year ago and it has been an adjustment that I never thought I'd like but one that I actually love! I'd love for you to check out my blog maybe we can encourage each other through this SAHM obstacle:)
    Beneath the Acacia Tree

  6. I can relate to this post so well... I stayed home with my son for the first few months and remember how desperately I craved those adult conversations. I would walk into stores just to chat with the salespeople!

    Your pics are amazing! So jealous of your skills.

  7. Shut up right this second. That sounds like the MOST AMAZING weekend ever. And the baby? Pure perfection, my friend. Pure perfection!

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