Monday, September 20, 2010

Hawaii pt. 1

At a macadamia nut farm. Samples galore!

Hawaii has always been a fantasy dream vacation of mine. Crystal blue water, Mai Tais, tropical weather, ubiquitous hang loose attitude…when I lost my job a couple of months ago, I knew exactly what would inject a little bit of life and energy right back into reluctant housewife ho hum-ness. Patrick and I booked the trip without any real idea on how baby King would fit into our travel plans (or how we would pay this off the credit card, for that matter!) but sometimes you just gotta leap first before taking a look (seems to be the trend in my life, right?).

Stopping to smell the "roses" at the Dole Plantation.

Even though a private bungalow stationed alongside an active volcano on one of the other islands would have been our preference, the majority of visitors flock to Oahu for a reason. Sure, it’s super touristy and you can’t get a decent meal without shelling out at least 25 bucks a head but with its accessibility to transportation, late-night snacking, healthcare, Internet—oh, and diaper changing tables—Oahu fit the bill perfectly.

Flowers at the Dole Plantation.

We took an early morning flight into Honolulu last Monday and immediately upon arrival we already could feel, sense, taste the SLOW lifestyle of choice for the locals. The airport, although decked out with 21st century amenities, seemed like it was straight out of the Brady Bunch era—brown leather, varnished wood, green carpet, yellow-toned everything else—and our taxi cab driver had no issue going 45 MPH on a completely clear freeway. Not to say we were in any rush either, being on vacation and all.

Scenes from our bus tour.

At the top of Pali lookout, King was windswept into a sleepy daze.

That night, poor Patrick fell terribly ill with a mystery bug so I took King for a long walk around our resort. For a little man who doesn’t talk, he nonetheless makes the splendid companion with his juicy legs and ever-expanding jowls. And while I know King still can’t comprehend, let alone remember, any part of this trip, it is seemingly every mother’s lifelong mission to show her children as much of this beautiful world as possible.

It was near impossible to choose just a few water pictures to post since there were so many and I liked them all.

King often opted for some shut-eye time when we were at some of the most spectacular scenic views. Sure makes for one expensive nap!

At a Japanese-style Buddhist temple.

Probably our favorite activity was the island tour we took on Wednesday. A daylong bus ride along the whole coastline, we stopped at many breathtaking viewpoints and saw some of the more "rustic" areas of Oahu that we probably would not have visited on our own. To boot, Patrick and I both had a tremendous arm workout seeing as we couldn’t take the stroller with us and had to carry King for the better part of 9 hours. Whew!



More pictures from the Dole Plantation.

The Hilton Hawaiian Village at night.

Come back tomorrow for beach day and poolside pictures! As depicted below, King quickly learned the wonders a fluffy white bathrobe and cowboy hat can do when it comes to attracting attention of the female variety while sunbathing on the beach. ;-)



  1. Oh wonderful photos. Brings back tons of memories for me. We lived there for over three years and I would go back in a minute. In a second!

  2. what did the hilton at night picture look like straight out of camera?

  3. I'm homesick :(! LOVE this post :). And King's Elmo robe and shoes - ADORABLE!

  4. How fun! Minus Patrick's mystery bug, anyway. Those pictures are amazing, and I love King's Elmo bathrobe and booties!

  5. I love the Dole Plantation! I haven't been to Hawaii in years (last time I went was 1999) but I always used to make a bee-line to the maze whenever I would visit Oahu. Is it still there?

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