Sunday, September 12, 2010

I love L.A.


Only in Los Angeles do you spend the day ogling at the gorgeous skyline from the top of the Hollywood Hills, sprinkle in a good helping of vegan Thai food from hipster-central Silverlake, and somehow manage to get yourselves cast as extras in a TV show pilot before the night is over. I am so glad I brought my camera.

My brother Wayne and his girl Lexi came to visit from Northern California.

Refreshed by coconut water and Thai iced tea.

Late-night shopping.

The extras partying it up.

I can't believe I only live a few blocks from here.

They take their work seriously.

Carly was the first to join in on the fun.



A good night out is never complete without a final stop to get Pho. King agrees.



  1. I'm new to LA, but I'm starting to see what all the fuss is about. Easy access to lots of good Thai food certainly speaks in its favor.

  2. thanks, johanna!

    hi martin,
    l.a. is great and you really have access to everything and anything here. people just buzz with creative energy and while lots of people do live in a bubble (like in the rich areas like brentwood) you also get closer to the tragedy that is the human condition here than anywhere else i have found. because people come here to chase dreams. and usually they leave in defeat or just get stuck.

  3. And here I thought Kaishon and I were rock stars because we went to 2 birthday parties in one day...! : )

    Have fun with your brother!

  4. thank you! and i real like a ROCK STAR too when i go to 2 parties in one day!!! :)

  5. I've never really been to LA - well not as an adult, and I love the way you've photographed this event. SO much light, so much fun - these really are fantastic.

  6. Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog.
    Have a nice day!

  7. Amazing photos! I can feel the energy oozing from them. :)

  8. My favorite pic is the last one with King peeking past daddy's arm.
    I also love the light in the other photos, gorgeous!

  9. I love every photo. I think I've just said that three times in a row to you between here and Mom Bloggers Club, but wow. I aspire to do what you do. A-may-zing.

  10. I that Pho Cafe near the Americana? I've been wanting to try that place but fear too much MSG in my pho. :-)

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