Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Not-Fun Post to Write

UGH it seems like it ALWAYS comes down to petty things like this so here we go:

It has been brought to my attention that some people in my past might be nervously waiting with bated breath and white knuckles on when I will spill not-so-flattering details about them. First of all, the friends that show up on my blog are very much an active part of my life and I love them and would never say anything that could even border on the inappropriate unless we talk about it first. This is a tell-all for me and for me ONLY so throwing anyone else under the bus is completely against everything that I stand for. I sometimes use fake names for characters that pop up here and there only because it's fun and allows me to put some distance between my real day-to-day life and the story on the blog. It has never been and never will be my intention to use this space to reveal juicy and possibly damaging gossip or portray certain people in a negative light. The only person I poke fun of is my sweetie, Patrick, and only because he lets me. :)

So let's get on with our merry ways and have a great Labor Day Weekend!!
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