Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ask Artemis

I received a couple of emails recently from blog readers who wanted my opinion on their current love situation. At first read, I thought it was a joke (ha, hee, ho) seeing as how I have completely aired and will probably continue to air my misadventures in life and love on Artemis Clover.  But I wrote back anyway—justifying to myself that perhaps misery really does love company—and my love advice ended up sounding surprisingly and utterly sane. Imagine that!

So…I’ve been thinking for a while to (gasp!!) actually encourage readers to send love notes over my way since this is “The real L.A. love story” after all. If you have questions on love, relationships, or would like to see a specific topic on the blog, please feel completely and anonymously free to send me an email and I will be more than happy to answer it in a post. At best, we can all get a good laugh from it (not your question but rather my attempt to answer it for you).

And I know while I publicly chastised Facebook some odd weeks ago, I irresponsibly threw Twitter under the bus as well so I would like to grovel “I’m sorry, Twitter. Let’s be friends again. It was me, not you. I didn’t try hard enough to truly understand you for you.” Thankfully, Twitter’s a pretty nice guy and didn’t put up much of a fight so it’s back on and hotter than ever! Or something along those lines. I guess this is just a long and winding way to say that you can also send your questions, concerns, and political stance to @artemisclover if that’s more your style and I will be sure to respond.

Thank you and goodnight.


  1. artemis,

    i find it peculiar that you are so young yet write so profoundly about love. you are a great talent and i feel blessed that you are open in sharing your thoughts.

  2. hi anon,

    what a sweet comment! glad you are along for the ride!

  3. And if you have any questions you can email me! :) I'm older than you and live in a 'different world'.... :)
    See you on Twitter!

  4. I have successfully devoured every last word of this blog over the last few days. I love it.

    Your writing flows effortlessly and the photographs that accompany your words are breathtaking.

    I know where I'll be coming should I ever have a question on relationships :)

  5. What a wonderful idea especially since you are such a great writer. So glad to have found your blog through Scary Mommy. Just read your post over there about co-sleeping. Left you a comment there. Very well written and honest...I loved it.

  6. You're so lucky that you get "nice" anonymous comments! I've gotten...well interesting ones.

    Anyway, I love your writing style too! Is there a chapter 10 to the making of King? I'm at the edge of my seat.

  7. oh boy, this is about to get interesting...

  8. Twitter is far too complex for me. Facebook it is.

  9. I will try to think of something brilliant to ask. (Knock on wood) my love has been ok lately. THANK YOU SWEET JESUS! : )


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