Monday, October 18, 2010

How To Go From A Doormat To A Ball-busting Cunt

Putting something out into Internet-verse can make you feel extremely vulnerable and insecure, especially when you are sharing a scandalous, juicy, and incurably racy baby story (please, if you didn’t read into the sarcasm, read again).

Up until today, I have received only wonderfully supportive and uplifting feedback each time I have posted my chapters; I thank you all for reading and keeping me motivated to continue writing about a very emotionally and physically exhausting time in my life.

This afternoon, however, I came across this little “gem” left for me on Chapter 10 of The Making of King:

Anonymous said...
Ugh! I can't stand reading this self-centered garbage! You sound like a ball busting cunt who doesn't deserve a good man like Patrick. Someday he will hate you for the way you've treated him.

My first instinct was to delete this comment immediately since it sounded like it came a very hateful and miserable place but upon further reflection, I feel oddly empowered that somewhere along my coming-of-age journey, I’ve transformed myself from a nerdy, shy, insecure, and pushover of a girl to a “self-centered ball-busting cunt.”

I then sent the comment to Patrick—who wooted and hollered that “Yeah! I have a supporter!”—and he went on to write an email to some of his buddies to show off his newly anointed “unsung hero” status on my blog.

And now, my twin sister can’t stop gleefully calling me a “ball-busting cunt,” wondering out loud how she can get herself christened with such a punchy and full-of-attitude moniker.

As for me, I am still in awe—almost giddily so—that I have somehow gone from a doormat to a ball-busting cunt and thank my faithful anonymous reader for lending me a title and persona I shall use moving forward on days I feel under the weather or a little weak. A BALL-BUSTING CUNT…yep, I can get used to this.


  1. Hahaha! i love how you're handling this situation. go girl!

  2. WTFFFFFFF! I'm going to check it out now. If I could send him/her a virtual punch in the face, I would. LOL! How rude.

  3. That is fantastic that you turned something to negative into something so positive.

    I don't quite understand why she perceives you as a "ball busting cunt". That is not the impression I get of you, when reading your story. Not at all.

    She should have provided examples to back up her accusation. =)

  4. Seriously, ball-busting cunt is a little bit of a compliment... at least that's how I've always taken it!

  5. You have arrived when you start getting comments that resort to name calling. It means you've left them speechless. All they can think of is nasty names. Congrats!

  6. I wish he/she would at least have the balls to use a real name instead of hiding behind "Anonymous" when leaving a comment like that.

  7. some say, a blog is a kingdom own by the blogger. and I think, you are being a great king (or queen) now, since you take whatever opinion threw on you wisely. good on you Miss!

  8. Hey -- I came across your blog through Carly's facebook page, and quickly became addicted! I know we haven't been in contact much since high school cross-country, but just wanted to leave a comment to say that I love your blog! Previously I wasn't a fan of blogs, but your such a talented writer and you have a way of keeping the reader engaged! I've enjoyed reading your blog so much that I actually started one of my own! So, thanks for the inspiration -- we do all have a story to tell! Keep it up :) Best of luck with everything and sending my best to you and Carly!

  9. Aw you've totally made it. When you get your first negative anonymous comment is how you know you're hot stuff in the blogosphere.

  10. I love "ball-bustin cunt!" :-)It takes huevos to use cunt in this ridiculously PC society we live in. Although, I'll bet it's even better in person. I have only managed to get "evil bitch" to my face so far.

    I'll have to keep working on that... ;-)

    City Girl to Country Girl

  11. We're just 'talking' on my blog about lying, white lies, rude comments ...
    Why somebody wants to leave a rude comment? Why just leave say nothing?
    I guess we will never know...

  12. Welcome to the Ball-busting Cunt Club.

  13. Good for you for not deleting it. I struggle with this CONSTANTLY as we have alot of "anonymous" readers telling us we're raging sluts and feminist liberals (like it's a bad thing). They still hurt every time but I'm trying to learn from them...

  14. the only people who should be able to get you worked up are your friends and family.

  15. Until now I have been quietly stalking your blog, but this calls for me to introduce myself. I have the utmost respect for what you have gone through and what you have made of your situation. Your a wonderful woman with a huge heart. They can suck it.


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