Friday, October 29, 2010

I have a confession: I SEE DEAD PEOPLE.

Several years ago, my sister Carly brought a group of high school students to L.A. from Northern California to tour college campuses here. I met up with her and her gang at UCLA, where I was a student at the time, and spent a glorious evening showing them around the area, gorging on deep-dish pizza together, and throwing the wee ones an impromptu dance party at my apartment. Except no one danced.

SoCal Safari!

Fast forward a lot of life and a baby, I got a call recently from one of the girls who was on that tour that fateful day in early Spring and she wanted to interview me for the UCLA newspaper. She ended up going to school there after her visit with Carly and now works on staff with The Daily Bruin—you go girl!

“So why do you want to interview me?” I asked her over the phone.

“Well, it might sound strange, but I remember the ghost stories you told us when we were visiting. About your apartment, the cemetery…and I would like to write a story for Halloween on it” she replied. Ugh, did I really say all those things to you poor little kids?

Ok, so I guess the cat’s out of the bag. I see dead people, and it didn’t help during my last year in college when I chose to live RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET from a huge cemetery. A lot of freaky things happened that year (freaky as in supernatural-freaky, not sorority-girl-freaky) like rabbits and dogs mysteriously dying on me, teakettles blowing steam when there was no water in them, and full-on ghosts just chilling out by my apartment. I’m talking SERIOUS STUFF.

Me at my apartment in Westwood circa 2007

I’ve always been kind of “sensitive” to the other dimensions (hence my strong belief in past lives and souls) but it’s just not something people talk about over drinks, you know? But since it’s that time of year again, I figure I’m in good company to disclose some of this stuff and if you have an encounter to share yourself, I’d love to hear it!

For those of you interested, you can find the newspaper article HERE. But please don’t click on the link if you’d be heartbroken to find out my birth name is not really Artemis and Patrick is not really Patrick and King…well King is still King.

For those of you REALLY interested in talking more about multiple lives, paranormal activity, and all things of a mystic nature, feel free to email me if you'd like. Ok, that’s it for now and have a great Halloween weekend!


  1. ooh fascinating! i love that you're sharing this and i can seriously so see you using some this sensitivity/ insight in your future book (that i can't wait to read!). happy halloween to you, too! you've certainly set the tone just right! :)

  2. This absolutely fascinates me! You should write more about your experiences. I'd love to hear them. :)

  3. Do you have any relatives that are sensitive also? I do think we have energies out there. I'd like to think so. There are a few people I'd like to know are hanging around and seeing all that's going on in our lives here.

  4. @Minnesota Mamaleh & @KAM -
    i've been thinking more about sharing my stories and thank you for your encouragement!

    @Christy - i have a first cousin who is VERY sensitive and she goes through things i can't even imagine. spirits actively pursue her because of her soft soul.

  5. thanks for sharing your tale. I've often considered doing the same but haven't had the confidence

  6. @artsnark - i'd love to hear it! i was sooo nervous about my article running and thought a lot about posting on my blog since ghosts could be a very sensitive topic for a lot of people. but in the end, i can't deny what is my reality and i need to focus on doing things without worrying about how others will respond. i know a lot more of us are out there.

  7. Love a good ghost story, though I haven't seen any myself.. It would be very cool to see some more posts about it :) but I can understand your reluctance.

    I laughed when you said it's not something you talk about over drinks... it made me think of the first time I went to drinks with one of my good friends, he just released all of these ghosts stories on me, I think he feels a similar energy (not in seeing people, but in things happening). He tried to convince me that my sleeping disorder was really something paranormal, but I choose to ignore it ;). I already can't sleep in the dark alone!

    Anyway, happy halloween!

  8. egh, you've lost a reader.

  9. i think this blog is a platform for you to express yourself and share elements of your life. i wish people would be more open to different perspectives. everyone has a story to tell and shutting people out based on their views and experiences closes the doors for communication.

    casper: i recommend that people hear each other out, don't react so judgmentally, and respect that we each have our own truth.

  10. Bold choice of topic. No one should fault you for sharing your side of the story.

    Keep writing honestly and openly and your readers will filter themselves.

    Much love,

  11. who you gonna call?! ghost busters!!!!!

    burr nurr, burr nurr!!!

  12. really? hahaha please dont tell me if there are ghosts, i'll freak out! :P im sure you're used to it by now

  13. Oh, I love this stuff! I always wanted something "strange" to happen to me...but nothing really ever has. I'd be interested in hearing more about your gift.

    P.S. Casper obviously isn't a very friendly ghost now is he?

  14. lessonsinlofeandlight: haha, i didn't even make the casper connection!! i wonder if that is intentionally done...


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