Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Recipe That Could Save Your Marriage

As part of our self-prescribed and self-mediated couple’s therapy, Patrick and I are taking things back to the basics. Not to imply men are simple, but putting on a little bit of makeup, letting him have a poker night, and melting some meat and cheese together can do wonders for a relationship, I tell ya.


Allow me to present the dish that could save a marriage. This super easy recipe gives you almost an unfair bargaining advantage and if you make it for his friends, too? Why, they’ll think you’re the bee’s knees and the cat’s meow. I’m not guaranteeing it but you’ll probably have the rest of the neighborhood banging down your door and asking for your number as well. I don’t know what it is with men and these sliders so keep this recipe close to you just in case.


Jalapeno Sliders

Form thin patties out of 85/15 ground beef (don’t go leaner). Grill on a generously buttered pan, salting just one side of it (there’s enough going on that you don’t need a bunch of salt). When you flip the meat to the other side to cook, pile on jarred jalapenos (you know, the stuff that comes pickled) and top with a slice of cheese (any will do but I use Colby-Jack). Cover the pan for 1 minute to let the steam do its magic and get things all gooey and wonderful. Butter some mini focaccia rolls and when the meat is ready, just slide it in between the warm bread and YUM.


So maybe you won't be too pretty a sight making these (I imagine I am somewhat of a greasy mess when I am working over a stove) but the sliders are so good your guy’s going to kiss you 100 times anyway—I promise!


What are your guy-pleasing meals?


  1. wow that is one sexy wet cheesey thingy stuck between two buns.


  2. Lately, it's THIS recipe:

  3. Well, I don't eat meat and have failed at many attempts to cook it for my (literally) carnivore husband, but somehow a simple Chana Masala is frequently requested.

    I'm banking on bringing him home to mom so that he can drool over her smothered-in-cheese, shredded-beef enchiladas. Which are famous in our house but I've never tried ;)

  4. I let him make me steak and pork chops. Seriously speaking as much as I like to cook for him (ok occasionally) ever since he took over the steak making I just let the boy do his thing! It's seriously to-die-for, and now I've become this super sardonic chic who always criticizes anyone else' steak, ha! And omg he makes the BEST BURGERS! I'm not friends with ground beef anymore b/c I'm miserable at making anything with it :(

    Now, I will try this recipe, Missy it better do wonders. My sweetie is from the land of cheese heads so I will be judged. Hihi, but if it get's him to cook me more steak I'm so up for it!

    Lovely pictures, thank you for sharing your secret!

  5. Yuuum! :D thanks for sharing this. I bake him my homemade cream cheese bread rolls :)

  6. I don't cook. But almond breaded pork chops is what he does in order to get me in a better mood. Hahah.

  7. I want one of those Jalapeno Sliders!

  8. a guy can win me over if he makes fresh squeezed orange juice. :-)

  9. We're having soup tonigh - my hubby feels he's getting flu...He eats what I cook but no bones on his plate! :)

  10. My husband loves this - - all of four ingredients and he always goes back for second and thirds! It's the simple things ...

  11. You had me at the first food pic!! We love anything with cheese here... but hmm, maybe I might skip the jalapeno and sub with mushrooms instead. All that gooey cheesiness makes me want to make one right now!

  12. *love* this and can totally see it being a go-to crowd pleasing recipe! my husband swoons for pot roast. and brisket. and anything with meat, really.

    i love your point about taking things back to simpler, more basic ideas/ ways to connect and be kind to each other.

    as always, well done mama! :)

  13. Relationship recipes - I love it! You've inspired me to combine my MFT career and my love for food in a whole new direction. Ha! :)

    I'm definitely trying this one out.



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