Monday, November 1, 2010

New season.

This month, King will turn 6 months old. It's kind of a big deal since I am still so used to saying "I just had a baby" and calling him my "newborn" when he's well on his way to toddlerhood now. GAH!

I don't know where all this time went; on one hand, I feel like so much has happened and changed for me in the past few months and on the flip side, I can still remember being VERY pregnant while trying to meet deadlines at my corporate job as if it were yesterday.

The tides and seasons will keep changing, forever evolving and transforming as the people, places, and things around me lose their shapes and become something new. I woke up to this autumn day feeling sentimental and reflective because I knew we are fast-approaching the half-year mark...and what about after 1 year? 2 years? 18 years? All I know is being a mother has been the most magical experience of my life and King, without a doubt, is the best thing that ever happened to Patrick and me. And we'll figure the rest of it out along the way. Together.

My new King resting after his first night at the hospital.

Hi there. What are you thinking about?

I had a bad case of the baby blues for the first week. And this was the face, the lost and innocent face, that would have me in a mess of tears as I looked at him each night wondering how on earth I made this baby.

Changing his diaper was a production. It still can be these days.

His Uncle Wayne bought him this Eeyore outfit we took King home in.

His first night at home. King looks so tiny! He was 7.23 pounds when he was born.

Where did my bitty baby go?

And now, almost 6 months later, King is healthy, plump, and still as cute as ever!


  1. Your baby is so adorable! :) Those Eeyore slipper socks look so nice on his tiny feet!

    6 months is a good age for babies! I love playing with them at that age. Jordan's aunt gave birth a month ago and I baby sat for her last night. He's such an adorable baby. Beautiful mix!

    Cute little pumpkin! :D

  2. King was BEAUTIFUL as a newborn, and even more so now at almost 6 months! I love his little pumpkin costume!! He is perfect in every way. xoxo

  3. that is the best pumpkin baby ive ever seen!

  4. My daughter had the same costume when she was 1...

    Your son is adorable!

  5. Awwwww he's so much cuter now esp with the pumpkin costume! :D his cheeks are so adorable :D

  6. wow, he is most definitely the light of my life. his love is my drug. <3

  7. King is such a stud!! We dressed up our Tatum (dog) as a pumpkin too. Their outfits would match :) LOL.

    <3 Ash

  8. He's gotten so big! And even more beautiful (if that's even possible?).

    Love the pumpkin outfit.

  9. Pumpkin costumes are so adorable on babies but I'm sure King will be embarrassed when he is five. "I was never a pumpkin!!!"


  10. What an adorable little dude King is! I go gaga over all those rolls and those big round eyes of his.


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