Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Send Money. Thanks.

I called my parents yesterday to let them know it was King's 6 month birthday.

"Send money. Thanks," I said to my dad.

"Um, just it customary for people to celebrate birthdays every month?" he asked over the phone.

I guess I'm under the impression I have to celebrate a baby's birthday like I would for anniversaries in a new relationship: Every month until we hit the one-year mark.

Maybe I am somewhat bewildered, perhaps even a little proud, that Patrick and I have somehow managed to keep a baby alive for 6 months.

Or maybe I'm just a bored housewife with too much time on her hands.  *blink blink*

And then I called my mom. "Send money. Thanks," I repeated to her.

"How are you guys celebrating?" my mom wondered.

"I bought some Ben & Jerry's for Patrick and me."

"I'm sure King appreciates it. Just make sure you take a picture of him today to document his milestones," my mom reminded me.

Well, Mom, no need to worry. Have I taken pictures! Here's a photo essay of some of King's memorable "firsts."

King, at 6 months old, has finally decided to start wearing clothes on a semi-regular basis.

King's first breath.
King's first handshake with Daddy.

First time in Daddy's arms.

First bath!

First nap time with Daddy!

This was the first picture I leaked of King to my family and friends.

First time in the garden!

First time napping with a dog! A vicious one at that! (No babies were harmed in the taking of this photo.)

King's first wave hello.

King's first Hollywood star.

King's first giggle. EVER.

King's first trip to Downtown L.A.

King's first time with both his aunts!

King's first magazine spread. Sort of.

First roller coaster. It blew his hair off.

King's first trip to an observatory.

First time at the beach!

King's first TV appearance (we were extras in a TV pilot).

King's first baseball game (Daddy's idea).

His first trip to Hawaii (Mommy's idea).

King's first wedding. He didn't cry one bit!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Oh my gosh!!! Happy Birthday Little King. We celebrate half birthdays at our house. Life is too short not to celebrate. I love all of these moments! I really, really, really miss having a baby around.

  2. i am more in love with him than ever. xoxo x 100

  3. King is such a cutie! :D I love looking at all of your photos!

  4. The first giggle is SO CUTE!!! :) cuuute! your pictures are so beautiful. did you take all these photos? they're amazing

  5. Great pictures! Is King his real first name? If so, I love it!

  6. Precious!!!!! So Kind is already an actor and a fearless model :) hihi Happy 6th and many, many, many more to come along. Of course it's ok to document an celebrate his every month :)

  7. I could just drown in those big round eyes of his... ugh.

  8. @smarla - yes i took most of these pictures. except for the new born shots. i was too drugged up to function so my sister took them!

    @leah - king is what we call my baby even though it is his middle name on his birth certificate. i wanted it to be his first name but Patrick and i made a last minute switch since we were afraid people would make fun of him growing up. glad you like it!!

  9. He really is such a beautiful baby.

  10. I love all these "firsts". please keep them coming. :)

  11. These pictures are amazing. Congrats on having such a beautiful child. I especially love the first trip to Hawaii picture. Gorgeous!

  12. these are so beautiful. thanks for the sweet comments on my blog - i'm based in northern virginia. i continue to love your open honest writing style and your beautiful photos. :)

  13. The entire first year of my kids' lives, I celebrated their birthday pretty much every week, astounded that I managed to keep them alive for yet another seven days.

    Celebrate it all!

  14. Your son looks like he will grow up to be a star! This is so special that you've captured every moment of his first six months. Many of us would wish we had this kind of documentation.

  15. happy birthday to your sweet little king! um, aka: happy ben and jerrys day to you and patrick! :) love the photo essay, too. he's gorgeous as is your talent! :)

  16. happy 6 months baby king! we celebrate month birthdays too :). he is precious beyond words! xoxo

  17. Left you an award in my blog :)

    you take really great shots, so does your sister :D

  18. Missy, you are a shining example of taking life in stride and making the best out of each and every situation. 6 months do go by so fast. Thank you for all the inspiration you've provided me with!


  19. what a cutie! Hally half-birthday

  20. He's such a cutie! I love the picture of his first giggle! :)

  21. Oh my this post made me smile!Happy birthday King. You've got something going there!

  22. What a beautiful baby! :)

    Your pictures reminded me of how much I love (and dearly miss) California.

    I'll definitely be back.

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