Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Failure

It’s beginning to look a lot like…summer in Los Angeles. The balmy breeze and high sunshine make it hard for me to don my pointy green felt hat and showcase my elf prowess in an assortment of delicately painted sugar cookies. All I want to do is jump into a bikini—stretch marks and all—and tan on the makeshift rooftop of my apartment complex. Or not.

I so desperately wanted to make things feel like Christmas I’ve been bundling King up in his reindeer jumpsuits only to discover his excessive sweating makes his feet smell all grown up…like vinegar.  And then I hear stories about peanut butter thumbprint cookies, molasses bread, chocolate haystacks, and…wait, did I miss something? Did you want me to bake something for you, too?

But I don’t bake, much to Patrick’s disappointment, and I unabashedly slept in for Black Friday shopping so I’m starting to resemble someone who rhymes with “finch” because although my list of people I’d like to get things for this year is pages long, I’ve crossed off precisely none.

This holiday season is rapidly going down the path of EPIC FAIL but that green scowling face is not a good look for me—it’s really not—so I wake up this morning with steadfast vengeance to finally get in the spirit of paper snowflakes. And a certain Mr. Claus.

“But I’m not sure King will grow up thinking there is a Santa Claus,” I matter-of-factly inform Patrick. “I don’t want to play make believe with my child when he’s inevitably going to find out one day we lied to him.”

“Yes, but having cookies and milk out for Santa Claus is still one of my favorite memories of Christmas,” Patrick tells me as he rolls out of bed. “Even though it’s not real anymore, for a good five years it was the most magical and exciting time of the year for me.”

So for King’s first Christmas, will there be presents under the tree from Santa Claus? Yes, no, yes…I think I’m choosing to believe so YES.



  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one a little behind this holiday season. Two out of three kids ask me every day if I'm planning to put up a Christmas tree, or do I just not want Santa to come? :|! Christmas is coming too quick for me!

  2. king's toesies smell like vinegar?! my world is coming to an end...

  3. Good for you! I never made a big deal or talked about it much. Somehow Kaishon learned of Santa and I have never told him otherwise.

    Believing is always good in my book : )

  4. I think a majority of kids believed in Santa for at least the first 5 years...and in general, it doesn't seem to have caused too much harm. My bitter side wants to say "no, a jolly fat man and his midget elves didn't make it, Mom and Dad used their hard earned cash to buy you all this shit". But alas...the jolly fat man wins again.

    This weather is nuts! 80 degrees at the beach yesterday. My pale skin was very confused!

  5. That is, hands down, the best so-cal holiday family picture. EVER.

  6. It's great that you're getting into the holiday spirit! It's always great to get presents from Santa under the Christmas tree. Heck, I still get presents from "Santa" (my boyfriend thinks its cute). LOL - I LOVE him! :)

    I wanted to know that you made my new post! I love your blog and always look forward to reading more. :)

    <3 Ash

  7. nice family pic :)

    i think it's okay to grow up with the santa fantasy :) and i didn't get mad at my parents when i learned it was them.

  8. I took my two year old Son to see Santa this weekend and he told Gavin to make sure he makes lots of Chocolate Chip cookies and leave out a big glass of son was so excited and can't wait to help me bake cookies for Santa. You have to bake some cookies for Patrick and it's not going to hurt King when he finds out you're Santa he's going to Love that you made such a magical effort on his behalf :)

  9. I agree with everyone, make the moments special now. King will feel gipped later in life if he does not have Santa memories.


  10. My fiance and I have talked about moving to CA since we got engaged there and I have always been hesitant of losing the snowy Christmas I'm used to. I was hoping Christmas in California was still magical and spirited. Sounds like I'd have to give that up.

  11. Hi there! Following you from Bloggy Moms (Biracial Families). Love your blog and nice to meet you!

  12. I'm going to milk the Santa idea for as long as I can! There. Not guilty at all for saying that. :)

  13. Hey if you do decide to not do Santa stuff...or easter bunny etc...I totally support it! Waste of energy!! -val

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