Monday, August 20, 2012

We've moved!

I know I have hinted months ago that we are no longer hanging out with movie stars and moguls (heh) in Los Angeles. Last October, we packed up and hauled all 74 boxes of our most prized possessions (I know, we have a lot of stuff...well, mostly Patrick) to--wait for it--upstate New York! I love it when I get calls from friends excitedly telling me they are in New York City so we should meet up. I always have to remind them upstate NY is a completely different beast and we are VERY far away from the Big Apple even though we are technically the same statehood. We are O-U-T in the sticks (well, at least it feels like it for a former city-dwelling gal) and adjusting to this slower culture has been interesting to say the least. 

I know I have been a horrible blogger this past year. With the move, a new life in a new place (so cold!), and a new house to decorate and keep clean, the last thing on my mind was dwelling on my old Los Angeles problems. I shied away from sharing details because things were going faster than I could sort them out myself. With a healthy nudge from my sister, I have created a new blog to better reflect where I am in life now. It is called "Waking Up Christine," meaning I wake up each day as no one else but me. I have often loved creating alter-egos of myself and characters from people in my life perhaps to put some distance between how I wished things were versus how things really are. I am keeping Artemis Clover open because it was a part of my life and I meant all the words I have written. But alas the time has come to finally confess I will not be updating this blog anymore still be updating my new life but I am still figuring out to what extent. Thank you for joining me on this brief journey in life and I offer up a new space to connect should our energies still collide:


One thing I will continue is my baby story. I won't will still be posting it in chapters but rather and once the whole thing is done, I will publish it as a free eBook for anyone to download. I have many more chapters written than I have shared but the story still needs holes spackled and edges polished. 

Thanks again for this interlude and here's to everyone's continuous fight for our dreams.
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