Cast of Characters


Hello. I'm Artemis Clover (known as Missy for short) and this is my real L.A. love story. You can view my extended profile here.



King, born in May 2010, is my baby boy. You can read more about him here.



Patrick is King’s father. I met him through my previous job in the corporate world (complicated story for another time) and we currently cohabit and raise King together. A tough-talking (albeit charming) salesman from New York, his notorious reputation (only partially deserving) made him a questionable love interest for me and here we are now with a past riddled with lost trust, misunderstandings, and missed chances. Patrick, a curious mash-up of Kourtney’s Scott Disick, Heidi’s Spencer Pratt, and Seth Rogan’s character in Knocked Up, could be my Mr. Right but perhaps for all the wrong reasons. Despite it all, however, he is the underdog that I am rooting for and we are committed to our little family by taking things one step at a time.

So like the saying “having your cake and eating it too,” is it possible for me to have my baby… and someday the father, too?


We have many more characters that will show up here and there on my blog. I sometimes use fake names for people only because it's fun and allows me to put some distance between my real day-to-day life and the story on the blog. It has never been and never will be my intention to use this space to reveal juicy and possibly damaging gossip or portray people in a negative light. The only person I poke fun of is my sweetie, Patrick, and only because he lets me. :)

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