The Lifestyle

Tea sampling and sangria tasting in Downtown L.A.

Patrick and I live in an apartment that harks back to his bachelor days: fully-stocked bar and cabinet humidor in the living room, a regulation size pool table where the baby’s nursery ought to be…

baby shower
Our bar fully decked-out for our 'The Little Prince" baby shower.

...the very activities that ecapsulate 95% percent of how we spend our leisure time.

Bar drinks and a game of pool, guaranteed a good time.

Of course we always have the in-house rave parties...

dance dance
Psychedelic night in the Hollywood Hills.

...theme night soirees, afternoon cocktail hours...

Black and white party on left, 60s family birthday party on right.

And then there is a part of us that is very “fine living.” We fancy the exotic teas and elixirs…

My mom, ever the tea connoisseur, shares some of her prized collection with us one afternoon.

Weekenders at sprawling estates…

Destination Napa Valley!

Easy outdoor living in the summer twilight.

And, when isn't there an excuse to throw a shmancy dinner party?

Sharing appetizers with famous friends.

Here I am proving that I can be every bit of the domestic goddess that, say, Nigella Lawson is...

Working on my Springtime garden cupcakes just for fun. Note the snail that came back with us all the way from Mexico!

If we feel up for it, good shopping is always a skip and a hop from our place...

At the Americana shopping center in Glendale.

But mostly, we are the usual suspects at every respectable happy hour in town...

Counter-clockwise from the upper left: My sister Carly, Patrick, Carly with friends, and The Berry Patch.

And true to the prototype L.A. lifestyle, we gotta keep doing the beach and snow...both in one day!

Venice Beach and Big Bear.

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