Who is Artemis?

How did I go from...

...a college grad with rock star ambitions…to a barista residing in west L.A. with an unemployed and useless boyfriend sleeping on my living room couch…to an entry-level minion in the corporate world, having barely nudged my way in and then getting stuck in the blood-sucking 9 to 5er …to being the girlfriend, then almost-fiancé, and then sort-of-a-girlfriend again to the most off-limits and notorious guy in my office…to becoming a jobless and unmarried mother, a reluctant “housewife”??


Hello, my name is Artemis Clover and this is my real L.A. love story. At one point I had the world at my feet, or at least the city of Los Angeles, and was ready to take off to do anything that I felt like doing and become anything that I wanted to be. I was buzzing with creative and unbridled energy and the city buzzed with me, promising me a future filled with bright lights and shiny things. But life kept taking one drastic off-roading turn to the next and before I could polish my dancing shoes for one last single ladies night out, I found myself pregnant and sans husband and job. So how did this small-town girl go from A to Zygote in 60 seconds flat in the city where dreams are supposedly made?


So here is my story, an ongoing exploration of where things went wrong, the things that were right, the things that stayed true to my destiny, and the things that were fated all along. For every feeler-type out there, I’m not going to dwell on the what-if’s and what-could-have-been's but rather focus on—no matter how distressing—the real, the things that are, the things that DID happen, and the things that still can be. I’m not really soul-searching but rather soul-telling and maybe in doing so, I can find the human pulse that has been guiding me the whole time. And if the pot of gold is still at the end of the rainbow, well hey, I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


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